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Grinding machines


The grinding machine allows a rapid sharpening of the chasers and guarantees the good cutting angles of your chasers, depending on the hardness of the metals you must threadIt’s a small user-friendly manual machine.

The sharpening is realised by a special fine-grained cup wheel for HHS steels.

The rotation of the wheel is guaranteed by an electrical motor 0,75 KW.

The support of the tool facilitates the movement in front of the wheel and enables a simple, rapid and precise sharpening.

The machine is equipped by an integrated cooling system for the chaser.

Furthermore, after the sharpening, the machine is equipped by a brush that allows to remove the grinding edge in order to realise a speeder regulation of the diameter of thread.

The grinding machine can sharpen chasers of every brand.

Technical file

Tapping head


The tapping head is specific for big diameters with replacement of the cutting tools.

The tools open till the threading diameter and close at the end of the threading so that the wrought piece is rapidly free.

The tapping head was designed especially for intensive productions of standard pieces with the minimum fabrication cost.

After use, you can resharpen the tools.

A correction of the threaded diameter is possible thanks to the adjustment of the tapping head.

The tapping head can be installed on special CNC production machines.



All our chasers are made of top quality European high-speed steel.
The profiles of the thread are completely realized by grinding after heat treatment. In this way, we obtain a uniform quality of the hardness of the threading teeth.
Furthermore, we can propose different special coatings as TIN, TICN, CRN. The coatings improve the longevity and the quality of the manufacturing.
We produce chasers for heads CERGIL, but also for heads LANDIS and WAGNERAll our chasers can be customized to your needs and your working conditions.

Contact us with your project: we will be able to meet your expectations!

Threading and peeling head with automatic opening


The automatic CERGIL heads are a real progress in the field of threading (cutting) and peeling, thanks to its high efficiency in production and precision in manufacturing. Made with the best qualities of steel and very simple to be used, the heads are completely hardened and ground.
On their tools-holders you can install a wide range of tools:

  • threading tangential chasers that allow to make every kind of threading profile: ISO, Withworth, UNC, NPT… All the threading profiles are possible on all the metals and on the plastic.
  • HSS steel blades and carbides that enable to make peeling and turning at high speed, in order to prepare the pieces for the rolling thread.

Contact us with your project: we will be able to meet your expectations!

Technical file

Special Tools

Blades APL


The blades APL are special patented peeling tools that enable to make a peeling on a semi-automatic machine (without automatic movement and no CNC) with a precise advance and leaving the operator free to do other operations in the meantime.
This tool is high-performance especially for the peeling of rebars before the threading to produce rock bolts or for the modification of semi-finished screws.
The blades can be installed on simple and cheap machines with production costs lower than the use of carbides.
They can be resharpened and you can use them on the standard Cergil Heads.

Tapping tools

Carbide tools

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