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Welcome to Cergil Industry SRL

CERGIL Industry Srl since 1938 design and manufacture in Italy production machines specialized in threading.
The only European company specializing in the design and manufacture of threading machines, equipped with one or more automatic opening/closing rotating dies either standard or customized on your needs.

Our construction philosophy. The workpiece to be threaded does not rotate, it is fixed, it will always be the tool that is in motion and this makes them ideal for: large length bolts, reinforcing bars, construction anchors, micropiles, pipes, props.

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The Advantages of our Threading Machines

Safety in use
Easy loading and unloading of the pieces to be produced
Important productivity thanks to the use of threading heads equipped with different tools
We can produce machines that thread large pieces: the length of the piece to be threaded is no longer a problem!

The Machines of Cergil Industry

semi automatic threading machines

Semi-automatic Threading Machines

Semi-automatic machines are equipped by an automatic rotating threading head with tangential chasers. The threading head produces threads on non-rotating rebars or tubes. The thread starting movement is manual. Machines for different thread sizes are available, according to your production needs.

Semi-automatic threading machines
CNC Machines Cergil

CNC Machines

Numerical control machines to produce both external and internal threads (tapping), for cutting (removal of material) or for rolling (deformation), without rotation of the piece to be threaded. Our CNC threading machines are made on request and are customized according to your production needs.

CNC Machines
tools cergil


We can offer accessories and consumables (dies, tangential chasers for internal and external threading, blades for peeling, grinding machines, tapping tools, special tools …) as well as spare parts for your manual or numerically controlled machines.



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