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grinding machine

Main Features

Rotation speed 2800 rev/min.

Watering pump 0,17 KW.

Dimensions : 1450 (h) x 800 x 400mm.

Weight: 80 Kg.

Grinding Machines Description

The grinding machine allows a rapid sharpening of the chasers and guarantees the good cutting angles of your chasers, depending on the hardness of the metals you must thread. It’s a small user-friendly manual machine.

The sharpening is realised by a special fine-grained cup wheel for HHS steels.

The rotation of the wheel is guaranteed by an electrical motor 0,75 KW.

The support of the tool facilitates the movement in front of the wheel and enables a simple, rapid and precise sharpening.

The machine is equipped by an integrated cooling system for the chaser.

Furthermore, after the sharpening, the machine is equipped by a brush that allows to remove the grinding edge in order to realise a speeder regulation of the diameter of thread.

The grinding machine can sharpen chasers of every brand.


Strenghts of Blades APL


It is a user-friendly machine and allows precise and rapid sharpening.

Ribbed Bars

Sharpening is performed by grain wheels specifically manufactured for the sharpening of HSS steel tools. Their very porous grain avoids overheating of the thread chasers and allows a great speed of execution.


The machine can be adapted to sharpen any type of chaser of any brand.

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