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Blades APL description

The blades APL are special patented peeling tools that enable to make a peeling on a semi-automatic machine (without automatic movement and no CNC) with a precise advance and leaving the operator free to do other operations in the meantime.
This tool is high-performance especially for the peeling of rebars before the threading to produce rock bolts or for the modification of semi-finished screws.
The blades can be installed on simple and cheap machines with production costs lower than the use of carbides.
They can be resharpened and you can use them on the standard Cergil Heads.


Strenghts of Blades APL

Patented Tool

By Cergil Industry for automatic peeling of bars with a traditional threading machine. APL blades replace the chasers on your threading head.

Freedom of the Operator

Thanks to the APL blades, while the threading machine works, the operator is free to perform other operations.

Ribbed Bars

APL blades are particularly performing in the peeling of ribbed construction bars.

Costs Optimization

The possibility of re-sharpening the APL blades guarantees the reduction of production costs.

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