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Tapping head Horizontal

Internal Threading Head description

The tapping head that closes!

This tool, specifically designed for intensive production of large series of tappings, allows you to eliminate the screwing times of the tap, while preserving the quality of the thread to be produce. The tapping head is specific for big diameters with replacement of the cutting tools.

The tools open till the threading diameter and close at the end of the threading so that the wrought piece is rapidly free.

The tapping head was designed especially for intensive productions of standard pieces with the minimum fabrication cost.

After use, you can resharpen the tools.

A correction of the threaded diameter is possible thanks to the adjustment of the tapping head.

The tapping head can be installed on special CNC production machines.

Internal Threading Head 3d layout

Strenghts of Internal Threading Head

Automatic Opening/Closing

The tapping head closes automatically at the end of the thread, quickly releasing the piece just worked.

Specific for large diameters

The tapping head is especially designed for large diameters and for intensive productions (ex. sleeves for props).

Costs Optimization

The possibility of re-sharpening the cutting tools guarantees the reduction of production costs.

Tapping head vertical


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