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detail external threading head
detail external threading head
3 different external threading head
detail external threading head3 different external threading head

External Threading Head description

The automatic CERGIL heads are a real progress in the field of threading (cutting) and peeling, thanks to its high efficiency in production and precision in manufacturing. Made with the best qualities of steel and very simple to be used, the heads are completely hardened and ground.
On their tools-holders you can install a wide range of tools:

  • threading tangential chasers that allow to make every kind of threading profile: ISO, Withworth, UNC, NPT… All the threading profiles are possible on all the metals and on the plastic.
  • HSS steel blades and carbides that enable to make peeling and turning at high speed, in order to prepare the pieces for the rolling thread.

Contact us with your project: we will be able to meet your expectations!

general scheme of external threading head


Strenghts of External Threading Head

Automatic Opening

The automatic opening of the threading head allows the rapid release of the thread produced.

Costs Optimization

very low production costs thanks to the use of tools that can be re-sharpened several times.

Very High Productions speed

with a single operation you can get a thread even on a 6mm pitch!


Wide range of tool-holders (chasers-holders) suitable for different combinations of diameter and pitch.

High Mounting Rigidity

Of the tool-holders which allows the use of carbide tools for the production of peeling on CNC machines.

Rapidity of Assembly

The assembly of the tools and the adjustment of the thread diameter is carried out quickly and easily.

Production of any Thread Profile

The threading head allows the production of any thread profile.

Wide range

Wide range of thread settings from M6 to M114 (from ¼ “to 4”)

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