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Threading machine F60 type V

Engine power: 7,5 kW.

Torque Motor: 80 Nm.

Torque on the spidle: 1030 Nm.

Diam. of the closing clamps: form Ø8 to Ø60.


It’s a semi-automatic traditional machine, designed for cutting threading with a head with automatic opening at the end of the manufacturing.

It’s a solid machine, designed and optimised for intensive productions with very low production costs.

The pieces to be threaded are fix and the tools turns around the rebar; this enable to produce threading in total safety also on very long pieces, thanks to a powerful self-centering clamp too.

The mobile carriage is installed on ball bearings and is activated by a steering wheel. It guarantees a simple use and a considerable production comfort to the operator.

The opening and closing of the clamp and of the threading head are activated by a pneumatic cylinder; their control is connected to the threading length to produce.

The control of the threaded length is obtained by a pneumatic stop inside the spindle.


  • Self-centering and pneumatic clamping – maximum clamping force of 2 tons. Opening and closing of the clamp. Related to the position of the cart. 2 sets of V-shape clamping jaws. Maximum opening stroke of 24 mm.

  • Adjusting the thread length by a pneumatic abutment – internal to the spindle.

  • 5.6’’ control screen to set up the spindle speed according to the cutting parameters, diameter and thread pitch.

  • Easy mounting and set up of the chasers.

  • Working position on the right or left of the machine (to be defined upon order).

  • Resharpenable chasers.

  • Automatic watering.

  • Motor 7 KW and 6 poles.

Threading machine A33

Engine power: 3 kW.

Torque motor: 154 Nm.

Torque on the spidle: 590 Nm.

Diam. of the closing clamps: from Ø8 to Ø33.


The semi-automatic threading machine A33 is a user-friendly machine, suitable for manufacturing on construction site or in workshop till diameter M30. It’s a mobile and compact unit that allows the optimisation of the production costs thank to the possibility to regrind the chasers.


  • Mobile and compact unit with a gearmotor and a transmission realized by trapezoidal belts, that activate a rotating mandrel. On the mandrel there is an automatic opening/closing head R33.
  • Manual movement of the threading unit on recirculating ball sleeves.
  • Self-centering and manual clamp (pneumatic in an option) with a V clamping jaw (2 V clamping jaws are an option).
  • Pneumatic and automatic opening/closing threading head.
  • Set-up of the threading length inside of the mandrel.
  • Customized monitor 5“, that allows to set-up the rotation speed of the mandrel according to the cutting parameters, diameter and thread pitch.
  • Simplified mounting and set up of the chasers.
  • Resharpenable chasers.
  • Automatic watering.

Threading machine F114

Engine power: 7,5 kW.

Torque on the spidle: 2132 Nm.

Diam. of the closing clamps: from Ø33 to Ø114.

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