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RB EVOL part 1
RB EVOL part 1
RB EVOL part 2
RB EVOL part 3
RB EVOL part 1RB EVOL part 2RB EVOL part 3

Main Features

Basis Weight: 4500 Kg.

Maximum Installed power: 55 KW.

Voltage: 400 V 50 Hz

Air: 8 Bars

RB EVOL for external thread description

CNC production machine for the realization of threads by machining or deformation without rotation of the pieces to work.
The length of the bar to be threaded is no longer a problem because that is fixed!
Two work spindles on a cross-table enable the transfer of different tools to the axis of one or more self-centering clamps.
The stop of the piece between the pins and the automatic adjustment of its position depend on the length of thread to be produced.
The interface for the control and the management of the machine does not require programming skills.
Different configurations are possible both for peeling and rolling.

The machine is customizable: we can realize it and evolve it according to your production needs.

RB EVOL for External Thread

Strenghts of RB EVOL for external thread

Peeling and rolling machine for long rebars

Threading length from 0 to 400mm

No limit on the length of the rebar to be threaded

4-axis CNC, numerical lead screw, brushless and vectorial motor

Linear bearing guides on large rails

Management of production programs

Management of thread starts


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